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Your Cay House getaway is not very far away, with a 35 minutes flight from Miami, and  a 20 minutes flight away from Nassau, you can begin living the Cay life in no time. Carriers offering direct service to Nassau, Bahamas (LPIA) include American Airlines from Miami, Delta Airlines from Atlanta, Jet Blue from New York and Fort Lauderdale. Air Canada from Toronto and British Airways from London.

Departing From Nassau

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Flamingo Air

Getting Around The Cay

There are several options for getting around Mangrove Cay. You may take a taxi, rent a car or scooter, use a bicycle to casually cycle around or take a leisurely stroll to explore the Cay's natural environment.

The Currency

The local currency is the Bahamian Dollar. The Bahamian dollar is maintained at par to the US dollar. The US dollar is also accepted for payment of goods and services. You will need to have US dollars in advance of your arrival to Mangrove Cay as there are no currency exchanges available. The Cay House accepts credit card payments, however you will likely not find many other places that do.


Banking & ATMs

Mangrove Cay is a breath of fresh air and meant to be a get away from city living, as such some modern conveniences such as ATM’s, are not present on the Cay. ATM’s are available throughout Nassau, including at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) in Nassau. You may wish to have US dollars with you for excursions, small purchase, dining out, and gratuities. Domestic banking services are limited to two days per week, however, anticipate that they may not be able to meet your needs.


Electrical Outlets

​Electrical outlets in The Bahamas are 120 volts, which is compatible with North American devices. British and European devices will require an adapter. The Cay House may have a limited number of adapters available for use during your stay, however we strongly encourage you to bring one with you if needed.

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Cell Phone Service

If you wish to use your mobile phone while in the Bahamas, the Bahamas Telecom Company (BTC) has roaming agreements with many countries around the world. Once in the Bahamas your phone should show BTC network and you may opt to connect to the network. Wherever you travel around the world, roaming charges can be higher than anticipated — before you travel, check to see if your home service provider is a BTC roaming partner or for country-specific roaming charges, see


Medical Care & Pharmacy

There is a government clinic providing daily week-day services, and on-call evenings and weekends, in case of an emergency; however, there is no hospital facility in Mangrove Cay. You may visit the clinic for routine medical services. In the event of a critical emergency, the clinic can arrange an emergency air charter to New Providence where hospital care is available. You should pack any medication that you may need as there are no prescription pharmacies on the Cay.


Is There A Minimum Nights Stay

​There is a two-night minimum stay for rooms; and a five-night minimum for The House rental. Minimum stay may vary for Special Offers.



Take A  Charter

Multiple Bookings

When booking a room online you will have to book each room separately, or you can contact us at and we will be happy to assist with booking your stay. You may also book the entire house, based on availability, by contacting us at

What Credit Cards Do You Accept

We accept PayPal as a safe and secure means of payment processing, however if you do not have a PayPal account, you can select the PayPal guest check-out option and use your credit card to pay securely.


Will My Credit Card Be Charged on Booking

Yes, all reservations booked require a payment in order to reserve your stay, as such your credit card will be charged at the time the booking is made, and per the terms outlined.

What Do I Need To Present On Check-In

Upon check-in, guests will be required to provide a valid credit/debit card along with a valid form of photo identification.

Is Breakfast Included

Yes, daily continental breakfast is included for The Cay House Guests.


No pets allowed.


LPIA Domestic Terminal





LPIA Domestic Terminal





Odyssey Aviation

Toll Free: 877-865-4101

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